Our Mascot

Craft Crate's Puff Bun mascot, Mr. Mortimer, illustration by Heather Hansma

Meet Mr. Mortimer

We here at Craft Crate love the concept of an old school mascot, and since one of our founders is an illustrator we decided to just go ahead and create our own.

Mr. Mortimer is a rather dapper Puff Bun who used to sell Snake Oil until he realized he would much rather sing the praises of his beloved beer. He quit slinging Snake Oil, but he kept the wardrobe aesthetic of the Snake Oil Salesman. He couldn't help it. There just aren't as many milliners who make hats to fit over one bunny ear as there used to be.

Now Mr. Mortimer spends his days traveling around from town to town, standing on top of a Craft Crate™ as if it were a soapbox to speak to the masses about all the different and wonderful places to find craft beer. He has only had produce thrown at him once, but when he picked up the produce that had just bounced off his head he discovered it to be a beer hop and decided that some of the hipsters in the crowd were just being ironic.Mr. Mortimer Sticker

For those who truly appreciate rabbits, beer, silly top hats with holes in them, or all of the above, we have stickers available featuring Mr. Mortimer. We also are planning on releasing some more mascot-related items soon.


Mr. Mortimer created and illustrated by Heather Hansma