About Us

The Company

Craft Crate For Your Craft Beer™

Craft Crate was started by two people who love craft beer, but not always the same beer at the same time. Carrying two different growlers home at the same time was a pain, whether we were walking or driving. We started researching our options, but didn't find anything close to what we wanted. After many, many prototypes we came up with a unique carrier with the following features:

  • Multiple carry options
  • Cork-lined bottoms
  • Keeps growlers secure in the car
  • High walls for UV protection
  • Stackable for vertical storage


Libation-themed Artwork & Accessories

As craft beer & cocktail lovers, we have a taste for items that celebrate them. We carry anything from stickers to original artwork with the theme. Find perfect gifts for homebrewers, craft beer connoisseurs, mixologists, and those who love any or all of the above. Shop Now

The Owners
Illustration of Craft Crate co-owners Heather Hansma and Vasile Vincent

Heather Hansma & Vasile Vincent

Heather & Vasile are an artist and a craftsman who both graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit (Illustration & Crafts degrees, in that order). The difference in their backgrounds and training combined with their ability to collaborate makes them a formidable design team. They both love beer, bunnies, and making things. They like different things too, but they also don't like droning on and on about themselves.

Heather is responsible for most of the art you see on Craft Crate. You can see more of Heather's art at hansmaillustration.com. Email her at heather@craft-crate.com.

Vasile is knowledgeable in a vast array of physical media, especially metals. Examples of Vasile's work can be seen at vasilevincent.com. Email him at vasile@craft-crate.com.

The Social Media

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The Beer Recommendations

We are in the thick of winter in Michigan right now, and so I am feeling dark brews even more than usual. We picked up some Bell's Porter for Craft Crate's Worldwide Headquarters and it is hitting the spot.


Founders Brewing Company's Breakfast Stout is just the thing to make a brunch, or the perfect payoff for some snow shoveling.